A magnificent trek to Garson Point

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A magnificent trek to Garson Point

We wanted to explore Auli to the maximum and on this context only we came to know about a small trek to Garson Point. Without giving a second thought our instinct decided to go for it. After breakfast we took the chairlift to reach upper deck and hired a guide for the trek. Immediately from tower 8 we started our trek through snow and forest with all around beautiful views. In half an hour we reached tower 10 which is at a height of 3050 mts. We started ascend towards Garson Point from there and slowly the white blanket of snow got thicker. We were passing through beautiful coniferous oak forests and our movement was bit on a slower note as at this height oxygen levels are not high and one needs to acclimatize to harsh conditions as well. Half way through we reached a temple in the middle of the forest where locals offer prayer for snow showers. The aura near the temple was divine. We spent some time at the temple and offered our prayers after that we continued our trek.

After covering some distance we were out of the forest and were stuck with awe. The sheer beauty of the place was incomparable and astounding. The meadow covered with white blanket of snow was as pure and fresh as it can be. We were able to see our destination and gave ourselves the final push to achieve the target. Snow cover was getting thicker and was almost around a foot now. We were enjoying this adventurous journey and absorbing the magical beauty of the place. After a trek of around 5 KM through forest and snow laden route we reached Garson Point in 2 hours at an altitude of 3568 mts (11,880 feet). The feeling after reaching the peak and panoramic view from there was the ultimate experience of our trip. The breathtaking view of meadow covered in blanket of snow will always remain embedded in our heart till eternity. We were the first to reach at Garson Point on that day leaving footprints for other trekkers. En-route to and at Garson Point we had majestic view of the mighty Himalayas as well as its peaks which included Nanda Devi (7817 m second highest peak in India), Mana Parvat (7273 m) and Dunagiri (7066 m). After spending some time over there we started descend towards Auli and came back in an hour. We must confess a small but astonishing trek.

The base of skiing track and chairlift station from where we went to the upper deck.

Auli (23)

A walk through the coniferous oak forest.

auli iphone (32)

Temple in forest on mid-way to Garson Point where local offers prayer for snow shower.

auli iphone (39)

Leaving a trail of our footprints.

auli iphone (242)

Nanda Devi Peak @ 7817 mts (second highest peak in India) – Divine and magnificent.

Auli (81)

Coming out of the forest.

auli iphone (256)

Shree showing amazing strength and determination to reach the target.

auli iphone (253)

We crossed through this forest.

auli iphone (257)

Majestic view of Garson Point.

auli iphone (265)

Snow clad Himalayan Peak.

auli iphone (267)

About to reach our destination.

auli iphone (258)

Final frontier achieved – the feeling was out of this world.

auli iphone (50)

Auli (70)

Let’s capture through lens as well…

auli iphone (54)

Some beautiful panoramic capture at Garson Point…

auli iphone (43)

auli iphone (42)

auli iphone (41)

Few more shots of snow clad Himalayan ranges…

auli iphone (275)

auli iphone (279)

auli iphone (44)

auli iphone (45)

auli iphone (237)

Finally we made this beautiful snowman to mark our victory.

auli iphone (342)

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  1. Nice shots, beautiful place. Thanks for sharing. i wish to visit the place.

  2. Yogi saraswat

    Beautiful pictures of the trekking route .

  3. Brilliant shots!

  4. Beautiful place and pics. Which month was this?

  5. Whoa! Fantastic pics!

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  7. Wow! Outstanding pictures. Nice place. Thank you so much for sharing this post.

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