How to enjoy on a long Bus Journey

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How to enjoy on a long Bus Journey

Are you one of the travel freaks who love to travel around the world and hangout with friends and family? And thinking about how to pass time and enjoy on a long bus journey.


A long bus journey is a way to chill out and relax and take a break from boring routine life and from today’s life of complete hustle-bustle. Well, we have brought to you the list of all the entertaining and productive means to make your journey more memorable and pleasurable.

  1. ENJOY BEAUTIFUL SCENERY OUTSIDE: Bus Journey is one of the best platform to enjoy the scenic beauty outside. You will get the opportunity to appreciate the nature by being in between it. You can click pictures and enjoy the fresh breeze blowing outside. You can even write your experience and share with everyone on social media. So, Capture the beauty and creating memories will be the best option.
  1. LISTEN TO MUSIC: If you’re a music lover, what would be better than carrying your headphones and listening to your favourite songs. A good playlist will prove to be a lifesaver and will keep you fresh throughout the tedious journey.
  1. READ BOOKS:Bus journey is the best place for a book lover where he can read all his favourite fictions, poems and all. You can even download the kindle app or e-paper to ensure the availability of reading material and to save the luggage space. You can read novels, magazines and some competitive books too.
  1. PLAY ANTAKSHARI: Baithe baithe bor hue, Karna hai kuch Kaam. Shuru karo antakshari, Lekar prabhu ka naam. Sounds interesting. Well, you can vanish your boredom away by playing antakshari with your fellow passengers by dividing them into teams.
  1. WATCH MOVIES OR TV SERIES: In this age of digitisation, one has many options to enjoy and entertain himself. You can watch movies, web series or tv series, make sure that you download it prior. Watching Movie can keep you engaged in your whole journey.You can browse YouTube and can watch funny, horror or entertaining series or videos too.
  1. PLAY MOBLE GAMES: The best option to engage yourself is to play offline mobile games. Games will give you a fun way to pass your time. You could bring a deck of cards and play a game like Solitaire, Ludo, Chess, Snakes ‘n’ Ladders etc.
  1. GET WORK DONE: If you’re a workaholic, bus ride is the perfect time to get ahead with the work. You can use bus’s Wi-Fi or bring your own. Before setting for the journey, equip your laptop or mobile phones with drafts and memos.
  1. PAINT: You can paint your world of imagination and capture the beauty around you on the sheet of paper throughout your journey. The immense pleasure and happiness you will get by this is worth million dollars.
  1. SOLVE PUZZLES, CROSSWORDS AND SUDOKUS: If you have interests in brain games, you can solve Crosswords, Puzzles and Sudokus during your ride. This can boost up your brain and can improve your mental functioning and memory. These games are not only fun but are also a perfect food for brain.
  1. PLAY GAMES: You can make your journey memorable and entertaining by playing different games like Passing the Pillow, Guess the movie, etc. These games will freshen you up andmake your journey
  1. INTERACT WITH PEOPLE:If you’re a kind of social person and loves to interact with people and befriends with them, then bus journey is a perfect place for you to make new friends. You will get to know about the different culture and unique experiences of the person. And if you’re heading to a completely new place, then the conversation between you and co-passengers will be a boon to you. 
  1. DO CRAFT WORK:If you have any hobby, make use of it during the long tiring journey. You can do some craft work. You can knit socks, sweaters, crochet the beauty around you, create your own puzzles and crosswords. If you are enough creative ad have technical skills, then you can edit photos and create GIFs too. These days memes are very popular on social media. You can create memes and upload them on the social websites like Facebook, Instagram etc.
  1. WRITE: If you are a good writer and have interest in this field, them there is no better place than a bus journey to express your thoughts. You can write blogs on social media. You can create twitter account and express your views before the whole world. As you come across the beautiful views and scenery around you, you can pen it down I the form of poem or play on a sheet of paper.
  1. SLEEP: A long bus journey is always very tiring and tedious. You start feeling completely exhausted. Sleeping throughout your journey is the best remedy to keep your fatigue aside. Book using bus booking offers from various online travelling websites like yatra, MakeMyTrip, Goibibo, Paytm, etc. to get discounted on AC or Sleeper class bookings.
  1. EAT AND DRINK: Eat sufficiently and drink adequate amount of water. Keep your snacks with you and eat them at regular intervals of time. This will keep your energy level high. Make sure your driver stops at hotels where you get proper meal for you. Avoid alcohol and cigarettes.
  1. There are some more things to keep in mind while going on a bus journey. You must carry all your tickets and ID proofs. Keep plenty of snacks and water with you. The first and foremost thing is booking a bus ticket that is reasonable to you and makes your journey comfortable and easy. Keep all your luggage safely with you. If you are going in winters, then keep our shawl and sweater with you. Keep your head phones and ear plugs safely. And yes, the most important thing is Keep all the medicines for headache, vomiting, fever, body ache etc. with you.

Enjoy your Journey. You will feel fresh and happy as never before with a bagful of beautiful memories and lovely entertaining journey. ?

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