Scuba Diving – The ultimate experience

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Scuba Diving – The ultimate experience!!!

Geared up for the dive
Geared up for the dive

Scuba diving is one of the popular activities in Malvan. The guide told us that scuba diving got established after the underwater discoveries done by Dr. Sarang Kulkarni near Sindhudurg Fort. This has provided the local residents an employment opportunity. The team of divers picked us up from the entrance of the fort and took us to the diving spot which was near the fort only. The water was crystal clear and such was the visibility that from surface itself we were able to see the fishes, stones, and corals.

Two methods of diving is followed in Malvan – one where you can carry an oxygen cylinder on your back and another where cylinder or air compressor is kept on the boat and you can breathe from the pipe and valve attached to the air compressor. Charges are different for both these type of diving. We opted for the later technique. The maximum depth for dive was around 25 – 30 ft and the length of the pipe is around 40 ft. So, diving can be comfortably done there. The best time to do scuba diving here is from November to February. Underwater photography is also done by the same team and they charge on per person basis. We hired them for photography as well as video shoot.

As I have already done snorkeling in Andaman Islands, I was quite confident and comfortable about scuba diving. The weather was perfect with crystal clear water, bright sunshine and clear blue sky. The stage was perfectly set to get hypnotized by the underwater world.

So, I geared up myself with wet suits, glasses, masks and did some warm up in the water to get accustomed with the temperature, equipment, and sign language. I was ready to plunge into the sea and the dive instructor started the dive.

Awaiting my turn
Awaiting my turn

Slowly and steadily I reached deep into the waters exploring the wonderful world underwater. The most important point to note is that due precaution is taken care off by the team. One dive instructor was with me for entire dive and one diver was keeping a continuous vigilance from the surface. By seeing my comfort the diver took me to deep waters as well and showed me various marine lives.

As I swam deep into the waters, I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was a different world all together. It reminded me of movie Fairytopia “Mermaidia” 😀 . There were plenty of Corals, Rock patches, marine shrubs, algae, and colorful fishes around me. I was surrounded by beautiful and colorful fishes of different kinds.






When I fed them they just came in lots and finished the bait in no time. Some even touched my hands and this feeling was remarkable. The world down there was exceptional and the more you explore the more beautiful it becomes. It’s a hidden treasure of nature and you tend to get closer to yourselves as there is neither terrain beneath you nor sky above you. It’s only you and the beautiful world where you will realize the existence of almighty. It’s really hard to describe the feeling of scuba diving as it can only be sensed by doing it.







I stayed under water for around 40 minutes and believe me those were unforgettable moments.

Coming back to the boat
Coming back to the boat



Even while writing my experience I could feel the diving and its magnificence. The dive instructor shot photos and videos during my diving session. It was an inspiring experience which I will cherish all through my life. It’s an adventure worth trying!!!

Click here for few tips if you are doing scuba diving for the first time.


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  1. I hv no words…m juz jealous and waiting fr my turn….. Bt superb!

  2. it reminded me of ‘zindagi na milegi dobara’..awsome..

  3. How to go to malwan ………………

  4. Malvan trip was really good.There were a lot of water sports activities to try but I really enjoyed the scuba diving. I was scared in the beginning as I am not a good swimmer actually I never swim in the sea before so. But the experts and trainers guided me and their instructions helped me a lot.When I was inside the water, believe me, it was so beautiful to see the marine life a completely new world of beauty. I will plan to visit again. Thanks to Sea Water Sports make my trip was memorable.

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