Scuba Diving – Kadmat Island

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Scuba Diving – Kadmat Island!!!

Lakshadweep Island with abundance of natural beauty is an ideal diving location and has pioneered diving in India. Country’s first dive centre and diver training facility was setup in Kadmat Island that offers introductory and advanced courses through both PADI and CMAS. The water sports institute has well trained divers and runs a marine wealth awareness package. Kadmat Island is one of the most beautiful diving locations in India. It is surrounded by shallow calm lagoons of spectacular beauty, crystal clear water, long and sandy beaches on both sides. There are opportunities for divers of all levels of experience from beginners to certified divers and most diving locations are within an easy boat trip from the shore.

We enrolled ourselves for the scuba diving schedule and the instructor gave us introduction about diving equipments, instructions, and sign language for diving. We boarded the boat along with the divers and left for the diving spot. Slowly and steadily we were moving towards the diving spot through the shallow lagoons of Kadmat with clear visibility of sea bed. We reached the spot in twenty minutes and the anchors were laid down for a new show to begin. The divers checked the spot for diving and we started preparing for the dive. We loaded ourselves with the necessary diving gears including the oxygen cylinder and were anxiously waiting for our turn.

On one hand we were slightly nervous but on the other hand our adrenaline pushed us to get over the initial blues and we stepped into the water. We did some breathing practice, got accustomed with the temperature, equipment, and sign language and plunged into the sea for dive. Every person is accompanied by a diver who also serves as a guide for the expedition. After some time we became comfortable and the diver took us deep into the waters. At one point of time we were almost touching the sea bed as well. We swam deep into the waters exploring the magical underwater world and were hypnotized by the beauty of it. We saw beautiful fishes, sea cucumbers, and corals of different size, shapes and colours. It’s amazing to see that the fishes were not bothered with our presence.

The life down there was awesome and seemed never ending. It’s a beautiful treasure of nature that can only be felt by getting close to it and was very enjoyable where you can feel that you were in a zero gravity environment. Diving in itself is an experience where you get over your fear and explore a magical world that cannot be described but can only be witnessed by experiencing it. It’s an experience where we were competing with ourselves and exploring our own limits. It’s only us and the beautiful world where we realized our own existence with every breath that we took. It was an inspiring experience which we will cherish all through our lives.

Here is our journey to unfold the mystery:

On our way to the diving point, a beautiful Kadmat beach on the background and the turquoise blue shallow lagoon.

scuba (35)

Shree all set with diving gears and getting comfortable before submerging into water. Shree – a bravo who doesn’t let others to go first even though this is her thrid diving experience.The corals are visible from the top as well. Every person is accompanied by a certified diver. The below memories of scuba diving was captured by using Nikon Coolpix S32 waterproof camera. To know more about our photographic tools click here.

scuba (1)

The first look after reaching the bottom, getting stabilized for the tour of 30 minutes.

scuba (6)

It’s time to explore the beautiful world of marine life. It’s hard to put our experience in words which can only be sensed by doing it. We managed to pull out these exquisite pictures while diving.

scuba (3)

scuba (4)

scuba (7)

scuba (8)

Notice the human face formed by a coral and the beautiful blue coloured coral.

scuba (10)

scuba (11)

scuba (12)

scuba (14)

scuba (15)

scuba (16)

scuba (18)

scuba (22)

scuba (24)

A selfie down under water…

scuba (23)

scuba (26)

scuba (28)

scuba (29)

Fellow divers…

scuba (33)

scuba (20)

Ecstatic Shree after completing diving…

scuba (17)

scuba (36)

Here is the video we made:

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  1. So how was d world undersea? …this must b amazing!!!

    • yes Pallavi…it’s out of this world…it cannot be described through words…

  2. Way to go guys…!!! Amazing reading…I wonder much u had fun…

  3. Amazing sights! It is a beautiful world down there.

  4. Wow! The Island looks wonderful. Awesome pics 🙂

  5. Could you help us with stay at agatti island?
    Looking for budget stay.

  6. For the best experience of scuba diving in goa visit

  7. When I and my friends went to Goa, we had scuba diving at Grand Island. Underwater scenes are beautiful marine life, rich corals, beautiful colored shells and fish shells. I would like to go back to this place again. But all things are possible to watch me because of Sea Water Sports. staff was helpful. They helped me a lot. I thank to sea water sports.

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