Shipwreck Snorkeling – Bangaram Island

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Shipwreck Snorkeling – Bangaram Island

Bangaram Island – a teardrop shaped uninhabited island with a large turquoise blue shallow lagoon, sparkling coral reefs, silver sand beaches, thick coconut plantation and full of marine life is one of the best diving locations in the world. The waters are calm, warm, and perfect for swimming, diving, snorkeling, and fishing or just lazing. But if you need to be little adventurous then this is the place to be with lot of activities. Bangaram has well equipped and professionally trained divers. Since we have already done scuba diving at Kadmat Island this time we decided to indulge ourselves into snorkeling. There were two snorkeling activities that one can opt from and we decided for the shipwreck snorkeling. The location of shipwreck snorkeling is almost near the end of the lagoon where ship princes royal sank 200 years ago.

Snorkeling is the practice of swimming on or through a body of water while equipped with a diving mask, a shaped tube called a snorkel. The advantage of snorkeling over scuba is that one can see the underwater life in a natural setting without complicated equipment and training from the surface of the water itself. It can easily be done by all age groups because of the little effort required. Shallow reefs with very less waves are preferred location for snorkeling. So, we were all set for our new adventure experience and boarded the boat towards the snorkeling point. It took as twenty minutes to reach the spot through the beautiful shallow lagoons of Bangaram Island. The spot was near the reef where big waves can be easily seen and heard. The other islands of the atoll i.e. Thinakarra, Parli – I and Parli – II were also very near. The view from the snorkeling point spot was awesome.

Fresh from the experience of scuba diving we confidently ventured into the water for snorkeling. We did some breathing practice with the snorkel and diving mask and started our march towards the shipwreck full of marine life and corals. Every person is accompanied by a trained diver who also serves as a guide for the expedition. The water was clear and warm for a perfect snorkeling experience. We saw beautiful fishes, sea cucumbers, and corals of different size, shapes and colours. The fishes were fearlessly roaming around in their own habitat and seemed less perturbed by our presence. It was also amazing to see how a shipwreck has been converted into full of marine life and corals. It was truly a magical and colourful world which will perpetually remain in our memory. An experience that should not be missed while you are on a holiday to this pristine location.

Here we present a glimpse of our experience:

A boat ride to the snorkeling point through beautiful shallow lagoons of Bangaram Island.

Snorkeling (2)

A picturesque view at the point with Thinakarra, Parli – I and Parli – II Islands on the background with waves at the end of the lagoon.

Snorkeling (1)

A coral at the spot.

Snorkeling (4)

Once princess royal was a habitat of humans 200 years ago and now its wreck is a habitat of marine life.

Snorkeling (5)

Snorkeling (9)

Snorkeling (10)

Snorkeling (13)

Snorkeling (19)

Snorkeling (21)

Snorkeling (22)

Snorkeling (27)

Snorkeling (31)

Snorkeling (35)

Snorkeling (39)

Snorkeling (40)

Snorkeling (42)

Snorkeling (44)

As always, Shree was the first among us to venture in the sea for the snorkeling experience. 

Snorkeling (37)

Enjoy the video:

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