Chincholi Morachi – House of Peacocks & Agri Tourism

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Chincholi Morachi – House of Peacocks & Agri Tourism!!!

After exploring Nighoj Potholes (refer our post on Nighoj Potholes) we started our return journey. After covering around 25 Kms we saw a board for agri tourism as well as peacocks and decided to give it a try as we still have half day for the tour. This place is known as Chincholi Morachi as it houses around 3000 peacocks staying freely in natural environment across the village. Also, this place has been developed as agri tourism spot and there were lot of home stays available amidst a natural environment. It was a small village and we started looking for a good place to spend our time. After searching for a good place finally we decided for the place “Mauli Krishi Paryatan Kendra –”.


We received a very warm response from the hosts and it was a wonderful experience. They have day package as well as overnight package for tourist. We decided for the day package which includes sightseeing, paddle boating, tractor ride, lunch, evening snacks, visit to fields and orchards. Since it was lunch time and we were very hungry, we asked them for lunch. While lunch was being prepared, we took a rest in the varandah in a natural environment with fresh breeze flowing relentlessly.

Relaxing at the courtyard
Tractor for village was fun 😉
A pond for the paddle boat ride..
A pond for the paddle boat ride..



We heard the sound of peacocks as well. It was quite soothing and we will not experience such environment in the city. The food was ready and we enjoyed homemade delicious food i.e. dal, rice, chapatti, vegetable, homemade pickles, ghee, & sweet in our lunch.

And the delicious home made food 😛
Very interesting idea…loved it 😀

Our host informed us that the best time to spot peacock is either early in the morning or in the evening when they come closer to human inhabitants in search of food. They also keep proper feeds in place for them. They can be seen roaming anywhere in the field, orchards, or even near varandah as well. In the meantime, we decided to explore the place. We visited the nearby agricultural fields, mango orchards and manmade well. The mango trees were blossoming with bunch of small mangoes. The whole tree was covered by these bunches. We exploited the child within us by enjoying the swings tied on the branch of a tree. We saw different varieties of birds in the area; we must say a good place for bird watching as well. After some time we went to the manmade lake and enjoyed paddle boating. Now, the time has come for a tractor ride and we sat on the tractor to enjoy the evening of the village.

Mango orchard in bloom
Mango orchard in bloom
Glimpse of the fruit trees around…






spot the swing hanging from tree
Spot the swing hanging from the tree 🙂

While taking a tour of the area on tractor we spotted lot of peacocks wandering freely on the area. They were quite a few in numbers and present almost everywhere. Our host was very careful about peacocks and was giving prior instructions to the guests about how to behave when peacocks are sighted. He stopped the tractor at various places to show us peacocks and village. After completing the tour we were back in the farm. The ride was a very different experience which we have never encountered earlier.

tractor ride
tractor ride
And the Peacocks everywhere around the village..







By the time our hosts have prepared evening tea and snacks for all of us, the peacocks have started entering the place. We stood immobile in the varandah and started speaking on a very low tone. Getting too close to them or speaking loudly will scare them and they will run away. They are habitual of local inhabitants but by sighting tourists they get scared. The host was keeping a constant check on all the guests as this is the main source of attraction and he doesn’t want to lose the trust of this beautiful bird. We were delighted by the sight of the bird and were mesmerised by the beauty of the bird.

Herds of sheep in the village..






It was a very wonderful day for us where we have covered Nighoj Potholes and Chincholi Morachi – a not so popular destination. But, we should visit this place with a different mindset of covering a new experience as we believe travelling is a mystery with different facets in it just like our life. It was quite emphatic to see how the villagers take care of the peacocks. No one confines them and these birds are the king of the place.

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  1. another lovely and interesting post..

  2. another lovely and interesting post..and colorfull too.b…

  3. awesome place…dat wash basin hanging btwn d trees was unique indeed…:D

    • yeah caught my eyes as soon as i entered the place 🙂 interesting

  4. Morachi Chincholi is one of the best holiday spot near pune. I really like this place.

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