Relive your memories with Photojaanic

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Relive your memories with Photojaanic

If you’re anything like us, you love to travel, and would like to cherish your life’s moment forever, then, Photojaanic has the ultimate solution. Life’s precious moments deserve freedom from digital devices. Once your memories are locked up in mobile devices and hard drives they are lost in the wilderness of the digital world. Photojaanic helps us to turn our photos into unique custom photo albums, photo gifts, personalised photo calendars, wall art, stationery and prints online.

You will be able to do astonishing things with your photos without any hassle. A very simplified way of creating an online masterpiece from your favourite photos of different occasions, travels, or family moments. They have an auto-fill feature that makes album making very simple and efficient. Photojaanic has pre-designed templates for wedding photobooks, baby albums, cookbooks, artist portfolios, family, and vacation and travel books. Their free online design tool easily creates and customizes a unique photo album and personalizes it by adding backgrounds, clip art and text captions. One can make the albums for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduation ceremony, yearbook, etc. A very unique way of sharing memories with your near and dear ones by gifting them photo albums of the moment that you have shared.

We carefully selected images from our travel escapades and got a beautiful travel book done by Photojaanic. The album turned out really well with premium print quality, superb packaging, and quick delivery. It was a hassle free experience and the final outcome was awesome! Just pick the album and relive the beautiful memories, rather, we would say, relive the journey. Now this travel book has become an inspiration and reminds us of our travel goals.

A glimpse of our travel book, printed from Photojaanic:

7-photojaanc (1)

2-photojaanc (6)

5-photojaanc (3)

6-photojaanc (2)

4-photojaanc (4)

3-photojaanc (5)

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