Monsoon Camping – at Mahuli with Big Red Tent

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Monsoon Camping – at Mahuli with Big Red Tent

A good winter camping experience prompted us to camp during monsoon season near Mumbai. This time we went with a larger group and decided in favour of Mahuli through Big Red Tent as our last experience was awesome. Preparation for camping was done with due consideration to monsoon and trekking. Normally, check in for overnight camping is at 4:30 p.m. but we requested for an early check in and Big Red Tent readily accepted our request. Mahuli is a village near Asangaon (approx. 90 km from Mumbai on Nasik Highway) and is famous for the Mahuli Fort at a height of 2815 ft. The group from different location left on time and met at a restaurant around 9:00 a.m. after crossing toll collection booth on Nasik highway. After breakfast we proceeded towards Mahuli. There was a drastic change in the surroundings as we moved ahead i.e. from a concrete jungle to natural woods. The colour of monsoon was at its peak with downpour and greenery all around. As per the directions we took the exit from highway near Manas Temple and started driving through the narrow roads towards Mahuli with scenic beauty all around. Finding the camp location was bit tricky but we finally managed to reach the site on time. We got refresh with cup of tea and started exploring the courtyard.

camping (12)
Water stream flowing beside road towards Mahuli

A natural surrounding at the campsite…

camping (11)
A soothing site!
camping (10)
Awesome weather!
camping (9)
Camps near the pond!

camping (37)

camping (35)
Camp, bike, pond, amidst nature – a dream!

camping (36)

camping (3)

iphone (53)

We were enjoying the natural surroundings omnipresent there. We headed towards the campsite beside the pond and saw pitching of tents at designated spots for camping. Everyone vetured into the pond and did kayaking. Next few hours till lunch was spent at pond with few opting to rest in the arms of nature. There is a child in everyone and this was clearly evident with the way everyone enjoyed in the pond.

camping (4)
Kayaking – a different way!

camping (6)

camping (7)

camping (8)
Soaking in the beauty of nature!

The lunch was served around 1:30 p.m. and it was good. We took a small rest before getting ready for the trek to waterfall. Considering our group size two guides were accompanying us for the trek. After a walk of 10 minutes we reached the entrance gate of the forest and paid the nominal fee for entry. It was drizzling continuously and we miss these walk in the hustle bustle city life. We started our trek under guidance and very quickly we were in the forest climbing the hills. A fresh water stream was running alongside the trek creating a soothing background. On our way we were trekking, climbing hills, crossing streams, even playing on the fresh water, & were enjoying every moment. Some part of the trek were pretty steep and with co-ordinated effort we passed through those patches. After some time we reached a section where the walk along the ridge starts and this was quite exciting. Nature was unfolding its mystery at every turn and it was overwhelming. Finally we reached our point and there in front of us was the 150 foot long waterfall falling seamlessly that we watched in awe and wonder. The mist created because of high force of waterfall was mystifying. We were rejuvenated after seeing the waterfall, a trek worth to take for such a sight. One could spend the whole day at such an spectacle. After soaking the beauty of nature, we started our trek back to the campsite.

Here are the beautiful clicks from our trek…

camping (13)

camping (15)

camping (16)

camping (17)

camping (18)

camping (20)
The first glimpse of waterfall!

camping (22)

camping (23)

camping (24)

camping (25)

camping (26)

camping (27)

camping (28)

camping (29)

camping (30)

camping (31)

camping (33)

Evening was spent partying, dancing, music, and fun, along with barbeque. A beautiful evening that we will remember forever after which the night belonged to cards. We were amazed by the sight of fireflies that we haven’t seen for years. That’s nature at its best. We enjoyed every moment of the day and were awake till 1:30 a.m. Its time to say good night and help ourselves settle in the tents. It was a very windy and rainy night and a good experience of spending a night so near to nature. Morning was equally beautiful and after having breakfast we were all set to depart for our routine life of a city.

camping (34)
camping (2)


Overall, our monsoon camping experience was outstanding and everyone enjoyed to the core. The campsite facility was basic but sufficient to fulfill all our needs like drinking water, breakfast, lunch, barbeque, dinner, kayaks, mattresses and sleeping bags. We spent a quality time together. The food and especially the Barbeque were just awesome and this makes the experience even better.

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