Mystique Lakshadweep – Kadmat Island

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Mystique Lakshadweep – Kadmat Island!!!

Kadmat Island was our next destination and we left from Agatti Island on a speed boat. The captain was crossing the shallow waters very cautiously with a person on deck continuously navigating the direction. We were enjoying the panoramic beauty of the long silver sand shoreline of Agatti and the marine life from the boat through the crystal clear water of the sea. Then one anxious moment came when the boat has to cross the waves at the reef and venture into the deep sea. The waves were quite high and the boat was almost in air while negotiating one of the waves. After that the boat entered into the deep blue sea. There was a stopover on the way for tourists who were staying at Bangaram. It was half an hour ride from Agatti and again we are into the shallow lagoon of Bangaram with clear visibility of corals and marine life. Everything was so picture perfect that one can hardly sit inside the boat as no one wanted to lose the opportunity of admiring the tranquil environment of turquoise blue lagoon and beautiful tiny islands.

The beautiful shoreline of Agatti Island!!!

The speed boat left from Bangaram towards Kadmat for a journey of around 2 hours. The speed boat was cruising at a decent speed into the deep blue sea with pleasing appearance of dolphins and flying fishes on the way. While approaching Kadmat again we were excited by the sight of long silver sand shoreline, the shallow turquoise blue lagoons and the sprinkling sea water. We reached the jetty which was built only for tourist activity. We received a warm welcome from the resort staff and welcome drink. By this time we had realized that we are on a heavenly trip and had surrendered ourselves in the pristine lap of nature.

Awesome Beach @ Kadmat!!!
Be prepared for a relaxing evening!!!

We checked into our cottage which was built amidst palm groves facing the lagoon to soak in the pure beauty of the place. It was a narrow island wherein we can see both sides of the shoreline from one place. It is the only island in the group which has lagoon on both sides. The whole resort area was built on southernmost side of the island which is being cut off from the town thereby making it private for all tourists. After freshen up, we went for a stroll on the beach and it was awesome. We could see the end of coral reef and the sea waves. The most amazing part of the lagoon was that the shore doesn’t get hit by large waves. A walk with your partner on a beach with fresh environment was a distant dream in a hustling and bustling city. We walked till southernmost tip of the island and then went to the eastern side of the island. We were admired the bounty of nature and relaxed on the beach till sunset. We witnessed a spectacular sunset on that evening with orange and red colours surrounding the sky thereby giving a way to darkness and then brightness. After dinner as well we went to the beach and enjoyed the time. It was amazing to see large white crabs roaming around the beach at night.

Our cottage!!!
A view of jetty and sea from the cottage!!!


Eastern side of Kadmat – mesmerizing!!!
Nature! Nature! Nature!
Speed boat anchored!!!
Amini Island!!!
Spectacular Sunset!!!
On the verge of sea!!!
Rays of hope!!!
An evening at Kadmat Beach!!!
Northernmost point of Kadmat!!!

We woke up early and went for a walk on a blissful morning. It felt like the nature has given us blessings to cure all impurities and negativity from our minds and has opened the door for us to follow our heart. After breakfast we decided to some water sports activity and chose kayaking and scuba diving. Kadmat has a water sports institute with well trained divers and runs a marine wealth awareness package. If you are a certified diver then you can enjoy the diving as Kadmat has the finest diving spots in India. We did kayaking in the shallow lagoon for an hour and then ventured in the sea for swimming. We all enjoyed a lot in the crystal clear water. Now it was time to test our adrenaline with scuba diving. The instructor gave us briefing at the centre before taking us for diving. Since we were amateurs, we were taken for a basic scuba diving only. We boarded the boat started towards the diving spot. We were excited as well as anxious. The diving spot was almost at the end of the lagoon and it took us 20 minutes to reach there. The turquoise blue lagoon, crystal clear water, corals under the sea, and sparkling sea water was very mesmerizing. We finally wore the mask and cylinder and dived into the sea. It was an amazing experience and we came close to ourselves. To know more about our scuba diving experience click here. In the evening we went for a tour of Kadmat which was arranged by resort and were amazed to see the facilities available there like high school, college, power generation unit, playgrounds, coir making units, etc. We relaxed for the entire evening and went for sleep.

A fresh and beautiful morning!!!
Adoring the beautiful environment!!!
A morning walk to the jetty!!!
The best place to practice yoga!!!
Good morning!!!
What else can we say!!!
Kayaking on a beautiful backdrop!!!



Mom lets swim!!!


We could hardly imagine that an island which is just 8 km long and only 550 meters wide at its broadest point has so much to give. It is a haven of solitude with long silver shoreline, sand banks on southernmost tip and beautiful shallow lagoon of even depth ideal for swimming. We were overwhelmed by the hospitality of the resort staffs and enjoyed every bit of it. The food was also very nice and we loved it. Kadmat is the only island apart from Bangaram and Agatti where international tourists are allowed. We left from Kadmat with memories that will remain embedded in our heart till eternity. There was more mystery to unfold as our next destination was Bangaram Island. We boarded the boat for our next journey into this dream world.

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  1. Lovely pictures and amazing writeup. I didn’t know much Iakshadweep and these islands earlier, I see this place awakened the artist in you which reflected in the poetic writing, keep it up. 🙂

    • Yes Jatin, this place so mesmerizing that you will become poetic while describing it 🙂

  2. Beautiful photographs along with helpful details. An inspiring post.

    I will connect with you whenever I plan for Lakshadweep.

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