Gargoti Mineral Museum – The hidden treasures of earth

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Gargoti Mineral Museum  – The hidden treasures of earth!!!

A huge statue of Mother India

Have you ever thought about the undiscovered treasures of our mother earth? We just encountered a glimpse of it while having a tour of Gargoti Mineral Museum. The museum is located around 30 kms from Nashik on Nashik-Shirdi highway in a small bustling town Sinnar. It is an award winning museum established by Mr. K C Pandey an ex navy officer. He turned his hobby of collecting minerals into his passion and gathered knowledge about them. In India, Gargoti museum is the only museum that exhibits vast collection of crystalline minerals of the earth. They include different crystals, quartz, zeolites, calcites, fossils, minerals, precious & semi-precious stones, and rocks that vary in shape, nature, colour and application.

At the Gargoti Museum, a huge statue of Mother India is placed at the entrance to welcome all the visitors. There are two large Ganpati statue carved out of a single quartz and other of a single stone. The museum is divided into two galleries i.e. one on the ground floor ‘The Prestige Gallery’ and the other on the first floor ‘Minerals from the Deccan Plateau’ with collection of zeolites and other minerals which are micro porous crystalline solids with beautiful structures similar to that of diamonds or other precious stones. There are various specimens of light green cubical apophyllite, cut stones, diamonds, crystals, quartz, yellow calcite, blue-green aquamarine, cavansite, fossils, corals, and rare foreign materials. There were some minerals which illuminates under UV light in dark while others are hidden like treasure inside rocks. A souvenir shop is next to the museum which has various articles like necklaces, crystals, accessories, mineral specimen, precious & semi-precious stones, decorative items, post card pictures and many more things.

Each and every mineral has its own unique colour and shape trying to make their own statement. We were mesmerized by the beauty of the minerals and did not have words to explain our feelings. We felt that the time has gone back as we had similar feelings while exploring the mysteries of underwater world. It was quite amazing to see the underground treasures of the earth and cannot even imagine what all mysteries our mother earth has. The atmosphere in the museum was filled with positive energy and calmness. It was heartening to see the guides at the museum. They are knowledgeable and told us everything in detail with full involvement.  They were willing to provide as much information as they can. We were also amazed to know that 80 percent of the minerals are found in the Deccan Plateau i.e. in Maharashtra only. We highly recommend a visit to Gargoti Museum and you can visit there official website ( for more information.

Lord Ganesha carved in single quartz
Lord Ganesha carved in single quartz




059-DSC_0280 048-DSC_0269


061-DSC_0282 010-DSC_0227 Green Apophyllite!!! – Photo courtesy- Gargoti Minerals 


Picture6 Picture4

 Unusual formation of Scolecite!!!

040-DSC_0261 019-DSC_0240 036-DSC_0257


Precious and Semi-precious Stones & Gems!!!

Uncut Diamond!!

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072-DSC_0296 109-DSC_0335

Scolecite & Okenite!!!

036-DSC_0257 039-DSC_0260 048-DSC_0269 041-DSC_0262


Mars & Moon Rock!!! – Photo Courtesy Gargoti Museum


Picture8 Picture9


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