Golu Devta Temple – Temple of Bells at Ghorakhal

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Golu Devta Temple – Temple of Bells at Ghorakhal

Golu Devta Temple is situated on a hill in Ghorkhal near Bhowali which is 11 KM away from famous hill station Nainital. The temple is also famous as “Temple of bells”. Golu Devta is a Legendary Mythological God of the Kumaon Region of Uttarakhand. Thought to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva, Golu Devta is worshipped all over this region and is regarded as the “Dispenser of Justice” by the Devotees. There are many temples of Golu Devata in Kumaon, and the most popular are at Chitai, Champawat, Ghorakhal, Chamarkhan (Tehsil Tarikhet, District Almora). The history says Golu Devta Temple in Ghorakhal is constructed in the 12th century. There are various legends about Glou Devta and people follow unique rituals and beliefs.

One of the most famous rituals followed at temple is that devotees use stamp papers to make petitions for desired decree in litigations. There is famous belief that Golu Devta gives justice to the devotees quickly. Devotees pray here with enthusiasm and pride. Number of bells in different sizes and shapes are hanging in the temple premises. Ghee, Curd, milk, Poori are offered to Golu Devta. Known as God of Justice, Golu Devta is offered White Shawl, white Pagari and white clothes. People from different locations; visit Golu Devta Temple with a belief that Golu Devta will solve their problems. People also place request in the form of resume, hand written letter, and visiting cards. Many devotees visit the temple to make the wishes and after the fulfilment of their wishes, they come and tie a Bell on the premises.

On a recent visit to Kumaon region I happened to visit this temple and it was an amazing experience. The stairs that approaches towards temple is adorned by numerous bells of all sizes on either side. There were more bells at the temple premises. There were lot of letter, resumes, visiting cards tied at the temple with numerous brass bells of different shapes and sizes. The temple also has number of small temples inside including the main god (Golu Devta). I really felt refreshed and could feel the divine energy at the temple. I also took blessings and placed our request. The temple was full of positive energy that laid the path towards fruitful day. Faith is the only devotion that keeps you moving and alive!

golu (16)

Steps adorned by numerous bells

golu (8)

Temple Premises

golu (9)


golu (7)

golu (12)

Applications as can be seen on the backdrop

golu (15)

Golu Devta

golu (11)

Bells, Bells, and Bells

golu (21)

Another Temple in the premises

golu (20)

golu (22)

golu (27)

Making a wish
golu (31)

golu (18)

golu (4)

View of valley from the temple

golu (1)

Shop outside temple premisesgolu (2)

Nainital Lake

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