Escape to Paradise: 3 Ways a Vacation in India can help you to Reboot Yourself

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Escape to Paradise:  3 Ways a Vacation in India can help you to Reboot Yourself

Famous as an exotic and mystical country in a world of the civilization of its own for centuries, India today is an increasingly modern country. It connects deeply with the most advanced countries of the world. Thousands of tourists visit India every year for different reasons ranging from visiting historical sites (yes, there are others besides the Taj Mahal) to immersing in the rich culture. The vast country offers a plethora of diverse experiences. As the saying goes, ‘You find what you look for,’ and it could not be truer for India. Therefore, if your vacation goals include recharging your spirits and becoming refreshed, then this is why you should be booking your next flight to India.

Exploring Your Spiritual Side

India is a land of spirituality. In fact, it is a country with people belonging to the Abrahamic faiths, as well as Eastern religions and traditional faiths. Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam are some of the predominant religions in the country. You cannot escape experiencing these religions and their spirituality in one form or the other.

Even though India has modernized greatly with snazzy hotels like the Courtyard Gurugram Downtown, the wandering ‘faqirs’ and ‘sadhus’ are still common in many towns across India. Temples of all faiths, as well as mosques and churches, dot human communities throughout the country and each offers a distinct experience.

You can also experience other forms of spirituality. Yoga ashrams are hugely popular with tourists, who end up staying back for months to learn the meditative arts and the secrets of spiritual wellbeing.

Getting Close to Nature

India offers you the opportunity to disconnect from the buzzing world outside and get close to nature. There are vast nature reserves where you can experience wildlife up close. You could even go mountain climbing in the Himalayas and Hindukush mountains. There are beautiful beaches and resorts all across the coastline, most popularly the resort state of Goa and the remote Andaman and Nicobar Islands. There is also great variety in climate, so you can experience the warm deserts of Rajasthan or the lush greenery of Kerala. In any case, you will feel revitalized by imbibing the rich nature that India has to offer.

Journeys of Discovery

The best thing about traveling to India is that you get to travel a lot, literally, and in almost every mode of transport. Train, lorry, ferry, Tonga, bus, rickshaw, you name it. As you cover long distances in these unique vehicles, you get to witness humanity in all their diversity. Differences in clothes, language, religion, and appearance become all the more obvious. If ever there was an experience needed to make you realize how small you are in relation to the world, this is it.

So there you have it. You should not miss a trip to India for a spiritual reawakening, to get rid of the stress in your life or to get close to nature. It is definitely worth a try to partake in the uniqueness and distinct experiences of this blessed country.

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