Nakhtan Village – A Diverse Outlook

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Nakhtan Village – A diverse outlook

Nakthan village is the settlement on the way to 12 KM trek to Kheerganga from Barshaini. I was amazed with the village and its people that get cut off from outside world in winters. A traditional village with approx 30 – 40 houses which is accessible by a walk through thin trail. Nakhtan village is situated at an altitude of 2300 meters in the Parvati Valley with roaring Parvati River flowing at the bottom of the hill. We struggle for our survival in metro cities and people of Nakhtan village keep themselves alive by their own way. I was pretty much bemused with the way they have organised their living and survival style with ample storage as well as self sufficient measures. It is a preferred stop for trekking groups and for people who are looking for a stay in a peaceful village on Himalayas. There are quite a few eateries and cafes that fulfil basic need of travellers. This village also has few homestays where one can stay within peaceful surroundings of great Himalayas. The beautiful and colourful houses amidst a mesmerising backdrop of valleys, pine trees, snow clad mountain peaks will surely refresh you.

Nakhtan (2)

A home on the hills with beautiful backdrop

Nakhtan (3)

Traditional wooded house

Nakhtan (5)

Nakhtan (7)

Storage House

Nakhtan (8)

Another colourful wooden house with perfect backdrop

Nakhtan (9)

Man made Honey Bee Nest for Honey

Nakhtan (10)

Stairs made up of wooden log

Nakhtan (11)

Nakhtan (17)

The lanes of Village

Nakhtan (16)

Home Stay Facility

Most of the houses in Nakhtan are wooden with few exceptions, and the temple of village has beautiful carvings. People here are earning their living through agriculture, tourism and the crafts they know. Apple orchards can be found on both sides of the path before and after Nakhtan. Rudranag Temple is a sacred temple situated on the way to Kheerganga and is hardly a 30 minute walk from Nakhtan village. It is a great spot to sit and enjoy the scenic view with various waterfalls nearby and also a small eatery serving tea and other necessities. I was very much attracted by their lifestyle and started thinking of a life like this but that’s far from reality as we live in a materialistic world that pulls us back to the hustle and bustle. Still, lot to learn from them where even after having all the facilities we feel dissatisfied.

Nakhtan (12)

Ancestral Temple of Village

Nakhtan (4)

Nakhtan (1)

Gushing Parvati River

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