Time Away: The Mental and Emotional Benefits of Travel

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Time Away: The Mental and Emotional Benefits of Travel

Do you experience a sense of despair on Sunday night while getting ready for the work week? Are you binge-watching travel shows? Have doughnut Fridays lost their luster? If so you seriously need to use those vacation days and get away for awhile. It’s good for your sense of wellbeing and opens you to new experiences, which stimulate the brain and foster personal growth. And it recharges your mental batteries. That’s important because travel enhances creativity and can reinvigorate your sense of purpose. So if you’re worried about what’ll happen while you’re away, consider the value of a readjusted attitude and a new perspective.


Stress causes us to lose sight of things that give life meaning. It can also convince you you’re just too important to leave work for an entire week. Meanwhile, it takes a terrible physical and mental toll, which you may not even be aware of. Everyone needs time to relax and focus on fun.

Travel – even the anticipation of it – makes you feel happy. Cortisol levels are reduced, leaving you feeling calm and at ease, which makes it easier to process thoughts and feelings and reflect.


Imagining yourself in a different culture and lifestyle is good for your perspective, which is a lot easier if you’re experiencing it firsthand. It broadens perspective and helps you reevaluate your life. And you never know where that might lead. A new perspective can inspire you to launch a business idea, change careers, or go back to school. Healthy change begins with a broadened perspective and new passions that travel experiences can stir up.

Out of your comfort zone

Putting yourself in unfamiliar circumstances fosters personal growth because it gets you out of your comfort zone. If you tend to be anxious and uncomfortable when not in control, travel can teach you to roll with the punches and deal with difficult situations. Travel teaches patience, improves problem-solving abilities, and imparts mental and emotional resilience, all of which can make you more productive and better able to deal with problems at work.


Research has shown that travel can strengthen personal relationships through shared experiences and interests. Overcoming challenges together can help bridge the emotional gap that widens between couples who are constantly busy with work and personal responsibilities every day. Being together in new circumstances also helps couples develop a renewed interest in each other and see each other in a new light. It’s not unusual for people who’ve been married for decades to rediscover romance and passion and emerge with a stronger marriage through travel.

Honest emotions

The drudgery of a Monday-through-Friday routine can leave your emotions and sensibilities dulled, making it difficult to respond to problems and situations honestly and immediately. Experiencing new phenomena encourages instant, gut-level, instinctive reactions instead of processing data and figuring out how to categorize it.

Addiction recovery

Travel can be particularly beneficial for people in addiction recovery, and can be a positive supplement to clinical treatment. The stimuli of new perspectives and experiences can provide insights on life that make it easier to accept personal vulnerabilities and embrace healing. You might even learn about mentally and physically healthy new lifestyle that will provide long-term personal benefits.

Everyone needs new experiences and variety that break up the monotony and stress of a life dominated by work and pressure. A couple weeks away from it all can make problems seem insignificant once you’ve gained an understanding and appreciation of the wider world.

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  1. Definitely, I agree. Travelling strengthens the bond between a couple. It pumps in so much feel good hormone plus also gives you the adrenaline rush. Thus, restoring love and bringing couples together.

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