Mystique Lakshadweep – Bangaram Island

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Mystique Lakshadweep – Bangaram Island

After a fabulous stay at Kadmat Island, we left for Bangaram Island our last destination of the Lakshadweep itinerary. The entire resort staff bid adieu to the tourists and we got settled in the speed boat. Slowly and steadily the boat made it way from the shallow lagoon to deep blue sea for a wonderful two hour ride to reach Bangaram. We spent most of our time on the deck enjoying the fresh environment and sea. We were transferred to a small boat near Bangaram as the rest of the tourists were heading towards Agatti. We entered the shallow lagoon while moving towards Bangaram Island and were greeted by the beautiful marine life clearly visible from boat. We were overwhelmed by the beauty of the marine life and saw corals, colourful fishes, turtle, eels, and stingray fish roaming fearlessly in their habitat.

A perfect setting for an expansive day at Bangaram Island with crystal clear water and equally complimenting sky.


A tiny Island (Bangaram) seen from a distance from speed boat with clear demarcation between deep blue sea and turquoise blue shallow lagoon encircling the island. Clouds hovering above the island making a perfect picture.


A clear blue sky with beautiful pattern at Bangaram Island. We spent most of our travel time on the deck of the speed boat thereby capturing these picturesque landscapes and admiring the bounty of nature.


The island full of greenery and predominantly coconut trees.


We have entered the shallow lagoons with crystal clear water and coral reefs on our way to the Island. The tents set amidst the backdrop of a green cover and blue shallow lagoon in front is a paradise for travelers. 


The end of the island with a mix of various colours was a mesmerising sight.


We are about to alight from speed boat and clicked this portrait with boats anchored on shallow lagoon at Bangaram Island. The different shades of natural blue was such a relief. 


We fell in love with the first glimpse of the place. A bewitchingly beautiful and breath taking island that we had ever seen. A teardrop shaped uninhabited island encircled by a turquoise blue shallow lagoon enclosed by coral reef, silver sand beaches and bounty of coconut trees. It’s a place where you can create a masterpiece. The tent on the beach front was also casting a spell on the beauty of this place. There were three more uninhabited islands on the same atoll Thinnakara, Parali-I and Parali-II out of which Thinnakara also has tent facility for tourist. We checked into our tent and immediately came out to enjoy the purity of the island. We walked through the narrow paths surrounded by coconut trees to the other side of island. This side has the helipad and very long shallow lagoon with sand dunes in the middle of the sea. We saw some people on the sand dunes but we didn’t intend to do so as we were happy enjoying the beauty from the shore. We spent some time on the beach, saw a star fish as well and came back to the front side of the island.

A different view with white tents on the background. We have imagined about such locations but now we can believe that yes its true and we are entering a dreamy world. 


A close look at the tents. We were so much enthralled by the beauty of the place that we couldn’t resist our temptation to share as much as possible. A stay so near to an awesome beach with coconut trees on the backdrop was a dream that came through.


A look at the other side from the speed boat. Ready to explore……


Tourist enjoying the sea and sports at the shore.


The other side of the island with very large shallow lagoons. 


on those shallow lagoons we found this star fish…


Bangaram is served with a helipad and is connected to Agatti via helicopter. Tourist who doesn’t want to travel via speedboat can opt for their services. A perfect backdrop for a helipad.


Before lunch we spent our time in the crystal clear sea water thereby drenching out all our worries and tensions. After lunch we relaxed on the beach and waited for our turn to explore the marine life again but this time through shipwreck snorkeling. There are other water sport facilities as well available in Bangaram like scuba diving, snorkeling, jet skiing, etc. After an enthralling experience of shipwreck snorkeling (click here) we came back to island in the evening. We got afresh took the evening tea and spend our rest of the time relaxing in the lap of nature. After the dinner the resort staff arranged for a bonfire on the beach as requested by us and we spent a good time with a round of antakshari (a spoken parlor game) near it. We woke up early in the morning for a walk on the beach and covered the other end of the island as well. It’s such a tiny and beautiful island that one can walk around entire island in half an hour. We enjoyed every bit of our time on the island and were ready to depart for our return journey with memories that will last till eternity.

Once again we got an opportunity for a perfect portrait from our tent. The picture says it all…


This place is 360 degree beautiful…


Our kid also admired the beauty and gave an edge to the perfect picture.


Just get relaxed and spoiled…


The lit up tents in the night…


A bonfire on a sea shore on a tiny island is a perfect way to spend the evening.


A walk on a fresh morning is a dream in cities…we also complemented the nature with an all white attire to resemble the purity of the place…





Have left Bangaram for our return journey…


We spent most of our journey time on the deck…about to reach Agatti Island…


A beautiful shoreline of Agatti…



Bangaram Island is a paradise on earth and we would rate it amongst the best gateways of the world. Here the sun, sand and surf unit together to cast a lasting impression on visitors. A tiny island that offers utmost privacy and unpolluted comfort with crystal clear water, sparkling coral, marine life, silver sand beach, shallow lagoon, water sport activities, and a tranquil environment. A matchless sense of well being takes over and one begins to discover the inner shelf amidst the natural environment. Bangaram is an island that unfurls several romantic thoughts and does justice to the same. Undoubtedly Lakshadweep is one of the world’s most spectacular tropical systems with all the islands blessed with the beauty of coral reef, sandy beaches, unpolluted and clear water and hospitable settings.


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7 Responses

  1. its truly mesmerizing….

  2. Beautiful pics.

  3. Beautiful pictures and such dreamy shades of blue… We are planning to visit Lakshadweep this month.

    Can you let me know how many days you stayed in Kadmat and Bangaram and which is better if you have to choose one ?

    One more query, do they organize day excursion to other islands ?

    • Thanks Swati…yes its an amazing place. Every island is unique and has its own beauty. We stayed at Kadmat and Banagaram and enjoyed every bit of it. Day excursion to other island is not possible as some of them are quite far but yes at Bangaram you can visit other island on Bangaram atoll. Instead of excursion enjoy and soak the beauty at one place and than leave for other.

  4. Hey did you book it through some travel agent or planned on your own? How much is approximate expenditure per head?

    • Shree & Himanshu

      Hi Oshim, We planned it through govt authoried travel agent. Expenditure depends upon how much island you would like to cover.

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