River Rafting @ Kolad

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River Rafting @ Kolad!!!

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Here we come again with one of the most enthralling, energetic, wild, wet, and thrilling adventure sports experience – whitewater rafting. Kolad is the hotspot for river rafting in Maharashtra. It takes approximately two hours from either Mumbai or Pune to reach Kolad. Kolad gained prominence after it was discovered by trekkers and for the rafting experience on the Kundalika River. The Kundalika River originates from the Sahyadri range and maneuvers several twists and turns to make Kolad one of the adventure hotspots near Mumbai. The monsoons make it so beautiful that it would be a sin not going for rafting when staying as close as Mumbai or Pune. Kolad is gifted with abundance of natural beauty and serene environment. Once again we contacted “countryside” for arranging our rafting tour and they obliged. We received all the necessary information as well as instructions for rafting and were all set for the activity.

We left in the morning as per our scheduled time and straight away headed towards Kolad via Mumbai-Goa Highway. Our target was to reach Kolad at 8:30 in the morning but due to poor road conditions we reached at 9:30 a.m.  The water flow at Kundalika is controlled by Bhira dam which normally releases water at around 9:00 a.m. It did not impact us as the monsoon was on full swing so do the flow of river. By the time we reached their only few people were left to take on the challenge. The entire group of people assembled at one place as requested by the guide. The guide helped us in getting us equipped with the necessary safety gears i.e. life jackets and helmets. The guide showed us rafting techniques along with commands to be followed while rafting. Once we were ready we started with some anxiety towards the starting point.

We took the raft near the river and boarded it. We were all set for the thrill and started paddling our raft.  After some distance the river started getting rough and waves started appearing. The first time when our raft passed through a wave, it was an exhilarating experience and the adrenaline in our blood started pumping. The energy level became higher with rapids and gushing sound of waters. The flow of river became faster and we were crossing every twist and turn with thrill. The flowing water was splashing all over us washing away all our tensions of life for the moment. At one point of time it felt like we zipped passed through the wave. The whole route was very picturesque. At places tree were submerged in the water enjoying the river stream along with us. The guide told us that Kundalika river rafting is over a stretch of 12 kms and it has as many as 10 grade II and grade III rapids. After crossing the roller coaster ride came a phase where the flow of water stabilized. Towards the end of the trip our guide told us to jump and enjoy in the water as the waters become very calm. We came over our inhibitions and jumped in the water. We enjoyed the long stretch of river flowing in the water. Finally, we came back to our raft to paddle it to the end point.

The 12 kms of roller-coaster ride on the gushing waters of Kundalika River with as many as 10 grade II and III rapids was an experience that we will cherish for our life time. At the end of rafting we were a bit tired but definitely refreshed. Those two hours of rafting has given us a new dimension to us. It has taught us to face challenges and overcome our fear. We saw two facets of river during our journey, one very vibrant and turbulent representing the twist and turns of our lives and the other one very calm and serene thereby telling us that after passing tough times we can also sail in our lives smoothly.

The team
The team
Gears Instructions!!
Gears Instructions!!
Safety Instructions and commands briefing!!
Safety Instructions and commands briefing!!

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Carrying our raft to the river!!
Carrying our raft to the river!!
All set for the thrill :D
All set for the thrill 😀

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rafting (42)

rafting (39)


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And we float…

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rafting (43)

rafting (46)
Kayak …learning to master
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And the river calms down …
rafting (15)
Notice the number of rafts…beautiful.. isn’t it
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And we did it !!!
rafting (17)
Mission Accomplished 🙂
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Taking our raft back

Enjoy the video our rafting experience

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  1. Wow! It is really amazing experience of river rafting in Kolad. Planning this monsoon.

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