Scuba Diving In India

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Scuba Diving In India, Places You Can’t Miss

When it comes to scuba diving, you may not have thought about India as a top destination for your next vacation. However, there are some amazing resorts in this stunning country that are just perfect for taking to the water and exploring the ocean environment.

If you were wondering why you should choose India for your next scuba diving trip, here are some of the places that you really shouldn’t miss. They offer some of the top experiences anywhere in the world for both novice and experienced divers.

Andaman Archipelago

Located in the heart of the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean, the Andaman Archipelago boasts plenty of beautiful beaches and some stunning spots for diving. The Havelock Islands are very popular among divers because of the spectacular marine life. Divers here can see soft corals, lionfish and humpback parrotfish and in between dives you can relax in the affordable resort near here.

Goa, Grand Island

Goa is one of the most popular destinations for tourists from overseas visiting India for the first time. With its party atmosphere and lovely beaches, Goa is a great place to visit, but it’s also known for its brilliant scuba diving. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced diver, there are sites here to suit you. One of the top spots for experienced divers is Davy Jones Locker, a shipwreck site where you can see crustaceans and fish while for beginners, the Uma Gumma Reef represents the best choice thanks to the calm water and lobsters, needlefish and white tip reef sharks.

Netrani Island, Karnataka

Sometimes called Pigeon Island, Netrani Island is a lesser known diving spot, but no less beautiful. This heart-shaped island is made of coral and its coral reef is a wonderful place to discover shrimps, eels, butterfly fish and parrot fish. Sometimes, orcas come here, and if you’re very lucky you may spot one.

Kovalam, Kerala

This is an up and coming dive resort close to Thiruvananthapuram. Rather than using classic scuba equipment, here there is a bond submarine or underwater scooter which offers a very different experience. The calm waters have a wealth of sealife including groupers, puffer fish and Moray eels.


Pondicherry has a host of scuba spots to enjoy, but one of the best is Coral Sharks Reef. Ideal for both beginners and experienced divers, the sea depth here ranges from just 5 meters up to 23 meters meaning that there’s a spot for everyone here. The Aravind Wall is also a famous local diving spot, 15 kilometers offshore. The main attraction here is the sea snakes. For open water divers, 4 Corners is the best place to go, especially if you want to see dolphins up close while the Hole is for the most hardcore enthusiasts. This spooky, dark cave offers a unique experience for fearless divers, bit it’s really only suitable for those with plenty of previous experience.

Preparing For Your Indian Diving Holiday

If you’re heading off to India to go scuba diving you need to make sure that you have everything you need before you arrive. While you should have no difficulty in finding any equipment you’ve accidentally left behind in the main resorts, if you’re heading to one of the newer or lesser known diving spots you’ll find it very difficult to get hold of some spare fins or a new mask when you arrive.

Go to to check up on all the essentials you should take with you and make sure you’ve got everything in your bag when you head to the airport!

Now that you know which are the best scuba resorts in India, it’s time to choose the right one for you. Whether you’re a novice or experienced diver, there’s sure to be a perfect spot to suit your needs. So make your choice, buy your tickets, pack your bag and get on that airplane – what are you waiting for! You’re sure to be impressed by the diving experiences that India has to offer. It’s best to try it now, before the rest of the world catches on to just how fantastic India’s diving sites can be!

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