Amazing Natural Phenomena You Must See At least Once!

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Amazing Natural Phenomena You Must See At least Once!

Gazing at stunning travel visuals on Pinterest boards sure is a beautiful experience. But do you know what’s more beautiful than that? Treating yourself to something far more incredible than colorful sunsets and sparkling waters! Nature is so much more capable of than just that. Instead of just staring at places that look unbelievably picturesque, pack your bags and set out for location that will take away your breath. Rolling out the examples:

  • Glittering beaches, Maldives
    • I don’t even remember since when have I been wishing to visit this tremendously dreamy place. I have always been fond of staring at starry nights and this place just takes that thing a level up. The Mudhdhoo and Vadhoo islands speak of nature’s magnificent creation. The whole beach glows here because of Ostracod crustaceans creating a bio-luminescence effect. Just look at it! It’s hard to stop staring, right?Don’t make the day where you will be here too far.


  • Northern lights, Norway
    • When I first saw this picture online, I thought it’s a photo-shopped image. It’s only when my curiosity aroused that I searched for the image on Google and found out that this heavenly place actually exists on earth. The sky gets painted in shades of blue, green, red and purple owing to the unique natural wonders. This occurs every winter on the northernmost coasts of Norway. It’s nature’s own light show! They are also known as Aurora Borealis. The phenomenon occurs due to energy particles from magnetosphere hitting the atmosphere.


  • Flammable ice bubbles, Alberta
    • Lake Abraham in Alerta, Canada makes for one spectacular view. It is a natural lake existing in the country. The frozen bubbles which make for an amazing sight are actually flammable as there’s methane trapped beneath the lake. And therefore it can be real dangerous if they are popped. These ice bubbles are one dangerous beauty.


  • Dirty thunderstorm, Chile
    • One look at the picture and you will be reminded of some similar effect in your picture editing tools. As per Wikipedia, it is a weather phenomenon which is related to the production of lightening in a volcanic plume. This volcanic lighting is a result of collision of rock fragments, ice and ash in a volcanic plume. You can even view videos of this Dirty Thunderstom which will leave you spellbound! Nature is amazing!


  • Frost flowers
    • Created on autumn and early winter mornings, frost flowers are formed when very thin layers are pushed out from the stems of plants or sometimes even wood. This takes form in wonderful patterns which are curled against each other into stunning frozen petioles. And as you can see, the outcome is pretty unbelievable! How gorgeous do these frost flowers look! I have to say that they even remind me of cotton candies. Blame my gluttony mind!


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  1. woow…nature and its beauty…….

  2. Those frost flowers are really amazing. Its like a garden of frozen flowers a must watch place for locals.

  3. Amazing:) Great post!

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