A Complete Guide to Match Different Colored Formal Pants

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A Complete Guide to Match Different Colored Formal Pants

There’s something special about colors, isn’t it? Every palette gives a different feeling and a different meaning. When it comes to choosing a color for our casual garment, we prefer going kaleidoscopic. But when the time comes to choose formal clothes, we restrain ourselves to few subtle colors. And if the selection is for a Formal Pant, the go-to colors are only Black or Cream. This so happens to us, isn’t it?  The reason? What color to choose then for the Shirt or Top? Big task eh!

Get those skeptical thoughts out of your head, because after reading this article, your restraint for Formal Pant/ Trousers colors will be long gone. Here is the complete sorted guide for matching different colored formal pants with their respective suitable Top wear colors. Enjoy!

The White Pants

The most non-selected color I guess. We avoid whites, especially bottoms. But the colors which go extremely well with white bottoms are,

Colors: Green, Grey, Saffron, Dark Brown, Burgundy, Purple & Navy Blue.

Slay Whites!


Groovy Greys (Dark)

Mostly considered to be a dull color, people always find it difficult to pair any Grey Bottom with a suitable top. Watch out for these colors the next time you pick a Grey Pant.

Colors: Purple, Orange, White, Burgundy, Green (Olive), Dark Brown, Black.


Fancy Navy (Blue)

The most go-to color. Navy Blue has its own elegance and style. I guess each, being a woman or man own more than one pair of these Navy Pants. See with which colors they look even more classy.

Colors: Dark Brown, Burgundy, Orange, Purple, White (suits best), Green, White, Black, Grey.


Burgundy Pants

The not so standard bottom color. Burgundy. Usually, guys and girls don’t consider it to be one versatile color. Guess you need to change your view after you see ‘em paired with following palettes.

Colors: Sandalwood, Grey, Whites, Black, Navy Blue.


The Olive Bottoms (Dark again)

Shades of Green are considered to be the ‘not to choose’ colors when it comes to bottoms. But Olive is one exception. They give a real chic look when paired with following eight tones.

Colors: Black, Orange, Purple, White, Grey, Dark Brown, Navy Blue, Burgundy.


The Creasy Cream Bottoms

This color needs no explanations. Everyone’s favorite & a must have for their wardrobes. But the hype is worth as well. This can suit almost every dark shade and even gives a stylish look.

Colors: Dark Brown, Grey, Navy or Sky Blue, White, Burgundy, Black, Green, Purple, Orange.


Bespoke Browns

Another go-to color and another lovely looking tone. Browns always steal the show with its beautiful shades. And if alloyed with a proper match, it can create masterpieces.

Colors: Navy Blue, Green, White, Orange, Olive, Beige, Sky Blue.


Uncommon TAN Bottoms

The lighter shade of sand and darker to cream, or something in between. TAN is another uncommon, or rather I would say under-rated color when it comes to pants. They look amazingly well and go well with almost each color. Find the colors with which they look extra good.

Colors: Burgundy, Purple, Dark Brown, Black, Navy Blue, White (Linen), Green


Iconic Charcoal Pants

Almost one shade lighter to Black comes the Charcoal. Usually, we pick this over black to dress well & sharp. Undoubtedly the top pick of every office boy/girl. Won’t blame ‘em as it looks sharply cool.

Colors: Green, Orange, Burgundy, White, Grey, Purple, Navy Blue, Dark Brown, Orange, Tan


The Loved Blacks

‘Black is the new Cool,’ everyone’s heard the phrase, right? I would slightly modify it to ‘ Black is the old, new & future cool.’ Do I need to explain the reason? It is well understood that it never goes out of style right? They just rock the light shades & the entire look as well.

Colors: Black (Rear but classy), White, Grey, Burgundy, Purple, Baby Pink, Orange, Navy & Light Blue, ah! Almost every color.


Won’t you agree when I’d say Great options revealed? Try any or many alloys from the list and slay the look every time you pair ‘emup. You can find a huge variety of shades & patterns of such Formal/Casual Pants for Women/Men on Shoppers Stop’s range of Formal Clothing. You can either visit the nearest store or check out their online multi-brand store to have a clear picture.

Image Source: Shoppers Stop & Pinterest

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