Diving in Goa

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Diving In Goa

India is considered to be an attractive travel destination for a number of different reasons. One such reason that probably doesn’t get enough attention, however, is scuba diving. With more coastline than just about any other Asian nation, India is home to some truly wonderful beaches and, accordingly, some excellent spots for people who like to dive, or would like to try it for the first time. Particularly on the West Coast along the Arabian Sea there are several towns and beaches known for offering excellent diving tours. The best place of all for this kind of activity is probably Goa.


Here’s some of what you might enjoy on a diving vacation to the Goa area.

A Variety Of Packages

Scuba diving can be tremendous in any beautiful area with relatively clear water. But to some extent, it’s only as good as the packages offered by diving companies. In Goa, there’s a wonderful variety of options, allowing you to explore the underwater kingdom from various vantage points and with various submerged sights in mind. You can take an introductory course, learn about rescue diving, swim around Grande Island, and of course just generally check out the amazing underwater wildlife. Some packages even combine scuba with traditional watersports, giving you more to do if you’re a particularly active traveller.

Davy Jones’ Locker

“Davy Jones’ Locker” is one of those terms attached to seafaring and pirate lore that a lot of people aren’t actually particularly clear on. Some think of it vaguely as a true locker – some lost chest or compartment belonging to an ancient (or fictional) captain. The best definition of it is that it’s an idiom meant to describe the bottom of the sea (often with a connotation of being a graveyard of sorts). Disney’s Pirates Of The Caribbean series even made a character of Davy Jones, a terrifying undead captain who would “send” people to the locker. In Goa, however, the name has been ascribed to one of the best wrecks to dive. It’s a wreck at just 14 meters, which makes it fairly accessible – though currents can be intense in this area, such that usually only experienced divers will see the Locker.

Pearl Hunting

Many may not realize anymore that pearls are actually tied fairly closely to the history of India. They’re certainly referenced often enough in ancient Hindu writings, and in fact even a modern video game makes reference to these scriptures. “Rich Wilde & The Pearls Of India,” a slot arcade that’s largely a caricature of Indian lore, touches on the idea of Krishna discovering the first pearl, leading to pearls becoming valued treasures in Asia. That’s the tale at least. As it happens, there have been pearl divers everywhere from the Persian Gulf across the Arabian Sea over the years. So, while it’s unlikely you find anything of value, you can always enjoy the idea of keeping an eye out for this sort of treasure while diving off of Goa!

Excellent Beaches

Any diving vacation is primarily about being underwater. But if you’re going to visit Goa specifically to go diving, you’ll probably want a little downtime in the area as well. For this reason it seems appropriate to point out that Goa has some of the most beautiful beaches in India, many of them ideal for relaxation in between dives. Palolem and Agonda are particularly popular beach areas, and certainly won’t disappoint.

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