The Saffron!!

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The Saffron!!



Well, many times I want to speak my heart out about life and its aspect, many life experiences and lessons that life has thrown to me and somehow it only made me brighter and stronger. We all have different life goals, experiences, pains and learning. Though sharing is always a great way to deal with problems and on this note we started this blog to share our experience of living, our passion of traveling, exploring and writing. But then that’s not people are looking for. I feel crazy, sharing something human on such superficial platform. Absolutely nuts, where world that only cares for superficial life of page three or second hand news aired by media and believing it without going through facts and figures thereby ending up criticizing and cursing one another.

Everyone tries so hard to just show how perfect their lives are on social media accounts, and here I am telling everyone how mine is not. Ya I must be mad.

But then I know…there are hearts out there that beat together as mine. There are people that understand that pain of other people. That someone went through hell and back- it’s not just us alone. That everyone is not perfect and not everything what it seems. Be real, be human, love the life you are living, you are not here to stay. So don’t waste it peeking in someone else life ignoring the fact how complicated is your own life, criticizing others, tarnishing other images. This will only lead us to unhappiness. I found my own way to overcome all such thoughts and started exploring life. Now it looks more meaningful and resolute thereby giving me every opportunity to follow my dreams. Traveling, exploring, writing, yoga, and meditation have wiped out all the negative energies out of my thoughts and I am able to discover myself through this. On this note I present this attire which resembles my peace of mind.










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