Seagulls – A chase!!!

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Seagulls – A chase:


On a pleasant evening we decided to take a stroll on the beach. With a backdrop of wonderful experiences of the backwater, sangam, dolphins and island we expected this beach to be equally exciting and we were proved so right when we reached the beach. Getting closer towards the sea, the cool breeze jumbling my hair with playing sound of the waves and chirping birds was like a musical show and a soothing therapy.

A long coastline, clear blue sky, crystal clear blue water and beautiful beach with white sand can make you sit and admire this place for long. I must admit a beach ideal for long romantic walk.

The most special thing about this evening was a flock of seagulls playing right in between the water and the land teasing the waves to catch them. They would walk on the beach, float on the water and on speedily approaching wave would give a nice fly telling the waves “better luck next time!” The sea on the other hand would also not give up and keep sending waves for next attempt. This game of nature tempted me to get closer to the flock and try my hand on them. I ran towards them trying to catch one. Seeing me arrive they all jumped and flied, filled my ear with the flapping sound of their wings. I felt to be in another world when I was surrounded by them.  I wish I could also fly with them. I just ran, played, cheered, and enjoyed with them. It was an amazing experience and suddenly the seagulls signified to me like a dream. Just like the way we run behind our dreams and the closer we feel sometimes the farther it flies away from us. And just like sea on the other hand we should keep chasing our dream and that’s the fun of life.

And I would also say sometimes we should just sit and admire the nature from a distance. Which I did after that and wished I could fly too like them.

The below pictures says it all:










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  1. heeeeee…..lovly pics guys….i cn imagine d view…shri hwas d feeling wn dey all took off together ..n u betwn dem…seems in d pic that they were about to get hold on u n carry u wid,em in d sky…..lovly..

  2. lovely place and very nice pictures..

  3. nice pics di…..i wish i could also go there….

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