Review – Passport Holder by Urby

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Review – Passport Holder by Urby


If you’re anything like us, you love to travel, and would like to keep important documents organised and safe than carry a wallet that is convenient & multipurpose. In case you are one of those who are internationally bound than passport holder is the ultimate solution. A Passport Holder is an essential accessory to have as one can use it to store passport and other important documents like boarding pass, cards, currencies, & other documents safely. It ensures that documents of important significance or daily use are properly protected and placed at all times. If you are a constant traveller, it becomes more important to keep passport and other important documents safe and secure in a single place. It may look like just a simple accessory, but it is ingrained with many beneficial qualities. Here is the review of Wanderlust Passport Holder by Urby for every little or long journey you embark on.

Look and Feel


You are going to stay with this passport holder for a very long time because it is handcrafted with the premium tanned leather that gives it a premium look and feel. It also has a rich soft suede interior. Its slim design allows you to carry it easily without feeling bulky in your pockets or travel bag. Despite the fact that it is compact, it is also very multipurpose. It has a total of seven slots, one being for your passport, three for cards, one for travel documents and two for currency. The slide-in passport section is a perfect fit for your passport and you can easily place your passport in it without any hassle. You can also personalise your passport holder that gives a personal touch to the look. It has a classic design that makes it good for everyone. Overall, it is a great passport holder with premium quality.

Urby does also have passport holders in a variety of colours, so you are free to choose the colour that matches with other things you usually carry along while travelling. It will provide you with the quality and personalization that you desire. It definitely will be a great addition to your adventures.




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