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Hey guys,

Excuse the silence on my blog recently. I guess it’s been a month without any updates with few posted this week only. It’s been one of the most occupying months for me, as I have engaged myself in so many activities. Also I’ve started loving meditation so much that I have been doing it for past few months and the results are amazing. I recommend everyone to take out 30 minutes everyday from your busy life and indulge yourself in meditation. I will be talking about all these stuffs in detail soon.

Anyways, now about the outfit: I loved the “Times of India” initiative of Raahgiriday (post here) which was held last Sunday and I was so excited to go there and have fun with my brat doing all the crazy stuffs there and cover the event as well 😉 And so I decided to grab some comfy clothes out of my wardrobe to walk around and have maximum fun. And I chose a pair of jeans and teamed it up with same tone denim crop top. The “Denim on denim” trend is quite interesting to give it a try. Well, as I didn’t want to show off my midriff, I added a white tube top underneath which I did not expect it to come up so well 😛  And since I was going to spend all time running up and down shooting and playing with my kid I picked my lovely white Nike shoes to go with the look along with my favorite watch. And guess what, my camera bag went really well with my outfit, isn’t it? I did miss my cap here :/ but anyways.

Hope you like it. 🙂

And guys Raahgiriday event is going to happen this coming Sunday as well (depending on rain as monsoon may knock Mumbai any day now :P), so if you stay in Mumbai or Navi Mumbai then do take part in the event on 8th’June 2014 between 6am to 9am. I’m going there again. SEE YOU…. 😀

08-DSC_0106   04-DSC_0086   09-DSC_0108   07-DSC_0105   16-DSC_0146   06-DSC_0104   05-DSC_0103   14-DSC_0143   10-DSC_0109   17-DSC_0147     18-DSC_0151 Cheers 🙂 Shree

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  1. nice ….I guess will c u in d next rahgiri day …:) tell me wot do I wear…;)

  2. Wow Shree you look superb 🙂

  3. Hemant singh

    Loved your outfit Shree………keep the good work going !!!!

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