World Yoga Day

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World Yoga Day!!


Namaste !!

Yoga is a physical practice as well as spiritual journey to self healing inside and out, physically and spiritually. Yoga is one of the greatest Indian ancient art out of many, which is being practiced from centuries to self heal and cure of many disease. Yoga literally heals from the root without any medication, it proves that the cure is within. What it demands is a dedicated mind, body and soul. It will also take you to a beautiful journey of self realization and awakening.

Be your own Guru!!

We are blessed to live in a time and place with so many philosophies and religions colliding together, ready for us to select what resonates with our heart. Today, I look deep into my heart and do what’s right for me! I respect my boundaries, knowing when to push the limit and when to back off. Because I’m unique and what’s right for others isn’t necessarily right for me! This is what I’m feeling today. I hope it resonates with someone else.

I’m grateful to all who has put in their efforts for making it possible to celebrate the “World Yoga Day”. Yoga has been discovered by our sages thousand years back for the benefit of human kind and its a priceless gift to the World. I’m really proud we are celebrating this day.

On this “World Yoga Day” let us pledge to continue practicing yoga for a better living and society per se. I will keep the flag hoisted by continuously posting videos on yoga aasana’s on timely basis. Let’s keep this journey of physical and spiritual awakening alive for betterment of all.

Love and Light to all.


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Check out this very beautiful Video with our national anthem!!

Love and Light!!

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