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“Time is free, but it’s priceless. You cannot own it, but you can use it. You cannot keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it, you can never get it back – Harvey Mackay”.  Time is of the essence, every moment is priceless and you can use it to explore life. Time has so much coherence with life that it cannot be ignored at any phase of our journey. Similarly, Watches become integral part of our life that represents various facets, moods, occasions, seasons, emotions, & experiences one goes through. We get attached to some of these priceless events forever. Titan Watches has struck this chord beautifully spread over three decades of its existence. Irrespective of age, gender, caste, & creed, Titan Watches has touched the soul of billions of people across the world.


Titan has wide range of watches for every age group. From “Zoop” range of smart watches for new generation kids to perky and vibrant “Fastrack” range for teenagers to complement their intelligence and smartness. A watch is as important as your attire for every occasion. Wearing that perfect watch adds an extra oomph to the final dress up in everybody’s professional life and Titan Watches has beautiful range of “Neo & Titan” range for young professionals to “Edge” & “Nebula” for matured. It is a style quotient and boosts your confidence as your attire is elegantly matched with a stylish watch. Titan also has beautiful range of watches for all genders. Watches also represent an individual’s significance whether be it men or women and Titan has crafted a very unique range of watches “Raga” for women that epitomise the essence of modern women filled with elegance & sensuality and “Edge” for men crafted with finest ceramic that represent a perfect mix of sophistication & functionality. Both these ranges have an aesthetic appeal. If you are an adventure lover and a dynamic professional with zeal to conquer the world then “Octane” compliments your lifestyle to the core. Life partnership is a commitment for lifetime where you share all your emotions and life’s challenges together. “Bandhan” presents a range of paired watches for couples that resemble their union.

Titan has vivid range of timepiece for every range of buyers i.e. Titan, Fastrack, Sonata & Xylys that are trendy, sporty, classic, elegant, & professional. Be it an all steel watch or a mix of steel and leather, digital or analog, contemporary or modern, aesthetic or artistic, Titan Watches has perfect range for both men and women that complement their look for all type of occasions. Whether it is a business meet or a casual dine out, festival or vacation, the vivid ranges fits all your need. One can own it or gift it with pride for a lifetime memorable experience. We as human, value relationship and gift always amuse us & Titan has the right blend of timepiece that can complement any season or reason with a lasting impression. So, now you know that your watch collection is not complete till you get your hands on a perfect watch.  Go and grab the timepiece to complement your personality.


Zoop – Smart Watch for Kids


Titan Raga


Titan Edge


Titan Bandhan

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