Review – Wallet by Urby

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Review – Wallet by Urby

Wallet is the most essential accessory that a traveller owns to keep important documents, cards, currency, in an organised and safe manner which is also convenient & multipurpose. Gone are the days of bulky wallets now everything is getting slimmer and stylish. On a personal note I like wallets that are slim and can easily be slipped into the pocket to carry 3 – 5 cards, Driving Licence, ID proof and cash. As a traveller you always need this much space in your wallet which should be sufficient enough to carry these things in your pocket on-the-go. A men’s wallet ensures that documents of important significance or daily use are properly protected and placed at all times. It may look like just a simple accessory, but it is ingrained with many beneficial qualities. Here is the review of Oscar Trifold Wallet by Urby for every little or long journey you embark on.

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The first and foremost quality that a person sees is look and feel of the wallet. Oscar trifold wallet is very sleek and stylish that is thoughtfully designed with organization and style in mind. It’s handcrafted in premium quality real leather by skilled craftsmen. This wallet is sufficient for a traveller like me as I keep minimal stuff in my wallet. Its interior card pockets are meticulously finished with hand-turned edges, thus offering a streamlined structure to neatly organise all of your resources. Overall the usability is on par with all other premium wallets and the design is practical for everyday use.

The slim design allows you to carry it easily without feeling bulky in your pocket. Despite the fact that it is compact, it is also very multipurpose. It has a total of nine card slots, one main interior currency pocket, and three slip in pockets for cards and receipts. You can also personalise your wallet that gives a personal touch to the look. Urby allows you to inscribe your name/initials or anything of your choice on the wallet. This makes it look even more premium as it is customized especially for you. It has a classic design that makes it good for everyone. Interiors of the wallet are made up of rich dual tone poly satin to keep it slim. Overall, it is a great wallet with premium quality. Also, products come with a one-year, material and craftsmanship guarantee with a 15-day no questions asked return policy except when they have been custom made or personalised.

Urby does also have women’s wallet in a variety of colours & designs, so you are free to choose the colour that matches with other things you usually carry along while travelling. It will provide you with the quality and personalization that you desire. It definitely will be a great addition to your adventures.

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